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What Every Student Should Know About Writing the Essay Assignment

How to write a successful essay assignment is not one of the mysteries of the universe. Like other content learned in various courses, assignment writing skills can be taught and deserve to be the focus of a subject for a specific study. If students were instructed in the academic skills of writing essays and assignments, there would be fewer anxious students finding study traumatic and stressful and fewer examiners lamenting the fact that students don’t know how to write essay assignments. Learn more at essay mojo.

The essay assignment is the core of many an academic course assessment and an understanding of its components is essential learning for students. Once they understand what their examiner is looking for and have mastered the skills of this style of writing, these skills can be transferred to any essay assignment across different disciplines. This new understanding can free students from the apprehension faced when beginning a new assignment and can lead to a more pleasurable educational experience. So what are these characteristics of the successful essay assignment?

a) The student must show a clear understanding of the topic and related content. Many students have been disappointed with low grades given because they did not answer the question or do what was demanded of the topic. Students need to ask their instructors to explain what is required if there is any confusion or uncertainty regarding the terms of the question or topic.

b) Ideas need to be organized logically into paragraphs and the essay framework of an introduction followed by the body of argument exploring the topic which is then followed by a conclusion. The reader needs to be able to follow the development of ideas. A clear structure that suits the topic is essential.

c) An essay consists of a number of paragraphs. If students don’t know how to write a paragraph, it follows that they will struggle writing an essay. Paragraphs also have a clear structure. Students need to be aware of the importance of the paragraph’s topic sentence, supporting ideas and the concluding sentence. All have a role to play in the paragraph.

d) Relevant research usually needs to be done in academic essays and assignments to support the main arguments and provide evidence. This research must be acknowledged and presented with attention to academic professionalism. Knowledge of how to write summaries, paraphrases, and how to introduce quotations is necessary. Referencing skills are required to attribute source material.

e) The expression needs to be grammatically correct.

f) The tone of the essay assignment should be academic and impersonal. Students should learn how to achieve this tone. An example would be to write in the third person unless otherwise instructed.

g) Unity and coherence are qualities all good essays have as this makes the essay logical and easy to follow. All ideas should be related and their expression clear and easily understood.

h) A comprehensive reference list or bibliography will be required if any source material is used.

So the mystery of what makes a successful essay assignment is revealed. If students pay attention to the points outlined in this article when they write their essay assignments, they will be on their way to academic success. If educators pay attention to teaching students these skills, we would have happier, less stressed and more informed students.

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